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SubjectRe: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3
On Wednesday 13 June 2007 21:04:42 Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> On Jun 13, 2007, Daniel Hazelton <> wrote:
> > Now stop parroting the FSF's worn and tired tripe.
> Are you playing Linus' sheeple and parroting his lines just to make a
> point, or are you like that all the time? ;-)

Nope. I'm just tired of giving proof after proof that you're wrong and having
you restate the same tripe.

> > PS: Looking at your .sig I guess maybe you can't do that without getting
> > kicked out of the FSF-LA
> Don't worry, I'm not speaking even for FSFLA, and I'm entitled to my
> own opinion.

Certainly. I never said otherwise. What I stated and then *implied* was that
you are repeating the same false logic over and over again trying to make
people believe that it isn't borked and that that false logic is exactly the
same crap I've seen from the FSF numerous times.

> I haven't consulted other FSFLA members about this. This is all my
> own personal opinion.

Where I am examining the facts and drawing a logical conclusion. That it
happens to form an opinion is secondary to the truth.

> It just so happens that I'm very closely involved in the process, I've
> spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I happen to share a similar
> moral and ethical background with others involved in the process, so I
> arrive at similar conclusions.

Okay. Still doesn't explain why you have argued that the GPLv3 doesn't attempt
to cover hardware and then provide proof that it does.

> And then, I influence the process myself, so it's not like some of the
> arguments I brought up here weren't taken into account while creating
> the GPLv3, and adopted by its other proponents.

This is no surprise - I had a feeling this was the truth. Not that it changes
my opinion at all. As I've said, I have never liked the GPL at all, but v2 is
the best that exists - even though I've put together custom licenses myself,
none of them have had the number of lawyers look at them that the GPLv2 has


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