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    SubjectRe: pci probe

    Sorry for my late reply.

    Greg KH wrote:
    >>> - your driver will not work on any pci-hotplug type system (that
    >>> includes expresscard and pccard and lots of high-end servers.
    >> This doesn't matter
    > Are you sure? PCI Hotplug is showing up in more places that people
    > realize...

    The PCI bridges that we have for the mentioned use, does not support
    Hotplugging at all and hence doesn't matter for those devices mentioned.

    >>> - your driver will not be notified if the system is being
    >>> suspended or resumed or wanting to drop into a low power
    >>> state.
    >>> - another driver can bind to your device without you ever
    >>> knowing it.
    >> These also sound bad.
    >>> So in short, use pci_probe and just handle the fact that you need to be
    >>> called for two PCI devices and bind to both of them. It shouldn't be
    >>> that hard...
    >> Thanks for the explanation.
    >> Do you mean to have two PCIID tables ? But then that does mean 2 modules
    >> don't you ? (i thought probe would be called once per module) Or you
    >> mean to say use PCI_ANY_ID in the table to match multiple devices and
    >> then allow probe to return a list of devices ?
    > No, you can specify multiple devices in the same device id table, and
    > your driver will get called for all of the matching devices. You just
    > need to "bind" them together in your driver to be able to handle
    > everything properly. It shouldn't be that tough.

    Will take a go at it.
    I was using PCI_ANY_ID for the device id, so that should return all the

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