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    SubjectRe: [PATCH, RFD]: Unbreak no-mmu mmap
    On 6/11/07, Bernd Schmidt <> wrote:
    > Mike Frysinger wrote:
    > > On 6/9/07, Matt Mackall <> wrote:
    > >> On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 03:53:49PM +0200, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
    > >> > 2. It is no longer possible to get blocks smaller than a page through
    > >> > mmap. This behaviour was used by simplemalloc, which is an insane
    > >> > way of implementing malloc on nommu systems and hopefully not used
    > >> > by anyone anymore.
    > >>
    > >> That's worrisome. Breaking existing apps/libraries seems like a bad
    > >> idea.
    > >
    > > it isnt breaking anything ... simplemalloc() will continue to execute
    > > in newer kernels
    > While that's true, it'll have an even bigger memory overhead than it
    > already does (simplemalloc, by trapping into the kernel and creating
    > vm_area/vm_list structures for every malloc call, has huge overheads in
    > both time and space).

    yes, it does increase the runtime overhead, but the simplemalloc
    implementation is already tagged as crappy, so i dont think it's that
    big of a deal ... especially in light of all of the advantages the
    other malloc implementation gets us nommu peeps
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