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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET 2.6.22-rc4] sysfs: fix race conditions
Andrew Morton wrote:
>> This patchset contains three minimal backports of fixes in -mm. With
>> all patches in the patchset and sysfs-races.patch applied, kernel
>> survived ~20 hours of stress test without any problem.
> So these are being proposed for 2.6.22?


> I do wonder about Rafael's bug which he bisected down to
> gregkh-driver-sysfs-use-singly-linked-list-for-sysfs_dirent-tree.patch.
> If that won't be a problem in this patchset then I spose it's probably best
> to go ahead with a 2.6.22 merge, but it's more a Greg thing than a me
> thing.

I'm currently debugging that and it's irrelevant to these fixes. The
bug is introduced far after the fixes.

> I don't have a tree to merge these patches into, unless I drop all the
> patches which are in Greg's tree.
> Greg, can I leave it up to you to decide how we are to proceed here?

I can rebase all sysfs patches in -mm on top of linus#master + these
fixes if necessary.


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