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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/6] firewire: SBP-2 highlevel driver
Stefan Richter wrote:
> Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
>> I was trying to be clever and only allocate the host once the device had
>> been discovered and initialized. I have now changed the code to just
>> allocate the host up front and use the hostdata mechanism for the
>> sbp2_device struct, which also addresses the host life cycle comments
>> below.
> I have doubts. IMO the previous code is 100% correct as long as 1 SBP-2
> target LU maps to 1 Scsi_Host.
> The lifetime of the Scsi_Host would only be longer than that of the LU
> if all LUs (or all LUs at the same initiator port) would be added beneath
> the same instance of Scsi_Host. Then the lifetime of the Scsi_Host would
> be that of the fw-sbp2 driver, or that of fw-sbp2's representation of a
> FireWire bus.

In the patch, the sbp2_device is now allocated with the scsi_host and is the
hostdata part of the host struct. This mean we have to add all the LUs from
the unit directory corresponding to the sbp2_device struct to that host. Is
that a problem? I think we had this discussion before, but I still don't
understand why this approach isn't feasible.


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