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SubjectRe: fragmentation avoidance Re: 2.6.22 -mm merge plans

Sorry for late response. I went on a vacation in last week.
And I'm in the mountain of a ton of unread mail now....

> > Mel's moveable-zone work.
> These patches are what creates ZONE_MOVABLE. The last 6 patches should be
> collapsed into a single patch:
> handle-kernelcore=-generic
> I believe Yasunori Goto is looking at these from the perspective of memory
> hot-remove and has caught a few bugs in the past. Goto-san may be able to
> comment on whether they have been reviewed recently.

Hmm, I don't think my review is enough.
To be precise, I'm just one user/tester of ZONE_MOVABLE.
I have tried to make memory remove patches with Mel-san's
ZONE_MOVABLE patch. And the bugs are things that I found in its work.
(I'll post these patches in a few days.)

> The main complexity is in one function in patch one which determines where
> the PFN is in each node for ZONE_MOVABLE. Getting that right so that the
> requested amount of kernel memory spread as evenly as possible is just
> not straight-forward.

From memory-hotplug view, ZONE_MOVABLE should be aligned by section
size. But MAX_ORDER alignment is enough for others...


Yasunori Goto

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