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SubjectRe: [TESTING NEEDED] drivers/serial/sunzilog: Interrupt enable before ISR handler installed

Gave this a spin on my SS20 today, have the console on the
serial port. No problems seen. You will need to provide a
signed-off-by line to get it accepted upstream, see

ffd60050: ttyS0 at MMIO 0xf1100000 (irq = 44) is a zs (ESCC)
Console: ttyS0 (SunZilog zs0)
ffd60050: ttyS1 at MMIO 0xf1100004 (irq = 44) is a zs (ESCC)
ffd60130: Keyboard at MMIO 0xf1000000 (irq = 44) is a zs
ffd60130: Mouse at MMIO 0xf1000004 (irq = 44) is a zs

Martin Habets

Ack-by: Martin Habets <>

On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 11:00:29PM +0100, Mark Fortescue wrote:
> I have altered the patch as advised and I have attached it to prevent my
> email client from making a mess of it.
> The attached patch changes the interrupt enable sequence for the sunzilog
> driver so that interrupts are not enabled untill after the interrupt
> handler has been installed. If this is not done, some SS1 and SS2 sun4c
> systems panic on un-handled interrupt before the handler gets installed
> preventing boot.
> It also adds in support for the ESCC version of the zilog chips. The ESCC
> detection works but the FIFO enable may cause issues with modem and
> receive character status. My interpretation of the SCC manual and the code
> is that it sould be OK.
> ---
> Regards
> Mark Fortescue.
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