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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] led-class.c permission change
    > > Take a look at the various pam console management modules (and also
    > > beat people up to get revoke() support into the kernel).
    > So, you suggest me to link my plugin to libpam and find something that
    > allows the plugin to write into /brightness?

    Much simpler than that. Most distributions have a pam module already
    which updates permissions on things that the "console" user may want to
    access directly (eg /dev/audio* /dev/cdrom etc) but which should
    otherwise be protected from misuse (eg people with cronjobs that run
    eject - an old an very funny SunOS prank)

    If your distribution is like most and uses pam_console then see man 5
    console.perms and add a rule to the /etc/security/console.perms file for
    your file. At that point it will happily change the rights back and
    forth for you as required.
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