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SubjectRe: VMware, x86_64 and 2.6.21.
On Sun, May 06, 2007 at 03:16:13AM -0400, wrote:
> I'm not convinced it's *totally* off-topic. I'll agree that third-party
> binaries are on their own as far as active support goes, but I don't see
> that it's off-topic to post a simple statement-of-fact like "2.6.mumble-rc1
> breaks <popular-driver-FOO>" just so it's a *known* issue and people who
> search the list archives don't spend forever re-inventing the wheel. Also,
> it's quite *possible* that the binary module has tripped over a geniune
> regression or bug in the kernel.

Actually it's totally offtopic. Not only are prorpitary module not
on the agenda at all here, but ones that poke into deep down kernel
internals should be expected to break every time. Note to mention that
they are on the almost black side of the illegality scala for propritary

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