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    SubjectRe: kconfig: error out if recursive dependencies are found

    On Sun, 6 May 2007, Sam Ravnborg wrote:

    > if (sym->flags & SYMBOL_CHECK) {
    > - printf("Warning! Found recursive dependency: %s", sym->name);
    > + fprintf(stderr, "%s:%d:error: found recursive dependency: %s",
    > + sym->prop->file->name, sym->prop->lineno, sym->name);
    > return sym;
    > }

    If it were that simple to print the location, I had done it already. :)
    Try this:

    config FOO
    select BAR
    depends on BAR

    config BAR

    I looked into this before, for simple properties one could just remember
    the last checked property via a static variable. The problem are the
    selects which are checked before that loop, here the information from
    where they were selected is not available anymore (at least not easily).

    bye, Roman
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