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SubjectRe: [patch 14/22] pollfs: pollable futex
On Sun, 6 May 2007 00:50:47 -0700 "Ulrich Drepper" <> wrote:

> > I really do not understand your point. You're too smart to not appreciate
> > the beauty and the simmetry of objects that responds to a common interface
> > (our files, win32 handles), and that fits our existing kernel infrastructure.
> You're blinded by this symmetry. Not everything that looks like a
> good fit is a good idea. This is one case. Get over it, poll is not
> powerful enough to serve as the unifying event mechanism.

What is your position on the timerfd/signalfd/etc patches?

Seems to me that if we were to have fancy new event-delivery machinery
like kevent then the timerfd/signalfd work is heading in the other
direction and ultimately would prove to have been unneeded?
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