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SubjectRe: lxr problem - newbie needs help
On 05/05/07, Shahbaz Khan <> wrote:
> I am using Fedora core 6. I have configured lxr 0.3 with the latest

I'm no expert on 'lxr', but as far as I can see version 0.3 is quite
old - according to - the latest
version is 0.9.4 - try upgrading to the latest version.

> glimpse but I get the following in the browser:
> -> Parent Directory
> - fileidx
> - xref
> when i click the files it gives me some wierd source code with lots of
> funny faces like ones in the ascii command line screens (if that makes
> sense at all!).
> lxr installprefix is /var/www/lxr/
> My document root for apache is /var/www/
> attached is my lxr configuration.
I think you'll have better luck with your query if you ask on one of
the lxr mailing lists, see
for details. The linux-kernel mailing list is for discussing technical
details of the Linux kernel itself, not for asking questions about
various other tools.

Jesper Juhl <>
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