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SubjectRe: [patch] suspend/resume debugging: device filter

> > Here's a (compile tested only) patch that does this on a per-device
> > basis, which is smaller, and should work just as well as your patch.
> >
> > It creates a new file in the power/ directory for every device called
> > "can_suspend". Write a '0' to it to prevent that device from being
> > suspended.
> >
> > Does this work for you?
> yeah, i was able to use this too to debug suspend/resume problems. But
> i've added the check to the resume path too - for example sw-suspend
> does a resume of devices during its suspend cycle, cutting off much of
> the netconsole output.
> which makes the can_suspend flag mis-named - perhaps rename it to
> exclude_pm ?

debug_exclude_pm? I do not want people playing with it, then
complaining that they broke the suspend.
(cesky, pictures)
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