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SubjectRe: [linux-cifs-client] Re: [PATCH] CIFS: make sec=none force an anonymous mount
Shirish S Pargaonkar wrote:

> When a session setup request is sent as an anonymous user (NUL user),
> should/could there be
> password associated with that?
> Right now, sec=none option, will prompt you for a password.
> And when we add code to retry session setup as anonymous user if the
> first session setup request
> fails, should that retry request be sent with the password or without
> password?
> When smbfs sends requests as an anonymous user, it does not send a
> password along with it.
> Regards,
> Shirish
We should allow a password to be specified (presumably it is not common
for a server to have a password associated with a null user),
but probably not prompt (similar to "guest" - except for the case of
guest, we start with the username of uid of current process, and
only if it fails with access denied do we try "user=" (or equivalently
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