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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add LZO1X compression support to the kernel
Hi Richard, Pekka,

On 5/2/07, Pekka Enberg <> wrote:
> On 5/2/07, Richard Purdie <> wrote:
> > I realise a maze of ifdefs still remain. I've already spent a lot of
> > time removing a ton of them and going much further might start to affect
> > diffability of the code - I hoping whats there is a good compromise.
> I really don't think this is suitable for inclusion in the kernel. Any
> reason why you don't just fork the code and clean it up properly? Sure
> it will take some more work to track the original but how hard can it
> be for ~1700 lines of code?

I'd have to agree with that. When something gets ported to the kernel
(from some userspace library, or from any other piece of software),
then it _must_ be ported completely and follow the usual kernel style.
In fact I bet you can knock off a cool couple of hundred lines of gunk
from the patch just by doing a proper port and getting rid of those
pointless typedefs, for example.

(On an unrelated note/rant, this was one of the reasons why I
absolutely hate those MODSIGN patches being maintained by Red
Hat/Fedora/etc that port the GNU MPI library to the kernel but don't
do so properly, so that it can be diffed with future GNU MP releases
for easy maintainability -- with the result that the patch ends up
containing arch-specific assembly for platforms that Linux doesn't
even run on! Good to see that at least you've taken the pains to avoid
that kind of brain damage, but a full port would be better)

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