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    SubjectRe: Ext3 vs NTFS performance
    In article <20070503211450.GA3869@nifty> you wrote:
    > For this particular case, Ted is probably right and the only place
    > we'll ever see this insane poor man's pre-allocate pattern is from the
    > Windows CIFS client, in which case fixing this in Samba makes sense -
    > although I'm a bit horrified by the idea of writing 128K of zeroes to
    > pre-allocate... oh well, it's temporary, and what we care about here
    > is the read performance, more than the write performance.

    What about an ioctl or advice to avoid holes? Which could be issued by
    samba? Is that related to SetFileValidData and SetEndOfFile win32 functions?
    What is the windows client calling, and what command is transmitted by smb?

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