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SubjectRe: parallel port problems with 2.6.21_rc5 and 2.6.21_rc6_git3-20070410174235
On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 20:40:23 +0200 Markus Koßmann wrote:

> When using either the unpatched 2.6.21_rc5 or SUSEs patched
> 2.6.21_rc6_git3-20070410174235 on a SUSE-10.2 x86_64 system the parallel port
> doesn't work right. If I "cat some_asciifile >/dev/lp0" the output on my
> Epson Stylus Color 880 is unreadable. "cat /dev/zero >/dev/lp0" creates
> random characters on the paper. Printing using cups also doesn't work any
> more.
> Switching back to SUSEs kernel fixes the problem.
> Any Ideas, what might be broken here ?

Nope, but I have the same problem.
I'll dig into it some day, but it's not very high priority for me.

I haven't tested it lately. Do you still see this problem?

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