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SubjectRe: [PATCH] crypto: convert crypto.h to UTF-8

On May 3 2007 09:21, John Anthony Kazos Jr. wrote:
>There's no reason for any non-UTF-8 to be in the tree at all, so
>eventually it won't be a problem. I'm (slowly but surely) working on
>converting everything in the tree. GCC handles UTF-8 just fine, and all

In fact, GCC gives a crap about comments :)
and otherwise sees things as octets, not characters.
I think GCJ is the only one that really pays attention to encoding.

>non-stupid/non-broken distributions of GNU/Linux and other major Un*ces
>should be based on (or at least compatible with) UTF-8 in basic
>operations. Files like the keymaps will be more work to convert, but they
>can be as well.
>I'm operating on the assumption that anything in the tree that isn't UTF-8
>is ISO-8859-1. Of course, I'm also checking it by hand to make sure a
>small-O-with-umlaut doesn't become the Klingon logo...

This is probably all you'll ever see:

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