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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] crypto: convert crypto.h to UTF-8
    "John Anthony Kazos Jr." <> writes:
    > Besides, based on the actual binary representation of UTF-8, it's
    > extremely unlikely for any ISO-8859-1 string to be detected as UTF-8. VIm
    > already does this: UTF-8 it handles natively, but open up one of these
    > unpatched files in VIm and you'll see "[converted]" at the bottom of your
    > screen. Should happen if you open the attached .patch.bin file in VIm.

    Yes, I agree that heuristics can be used to determine the coding
    system used with a high degree of probability. I'm just suggesting we
    make the coding system explicit, in order to spare other applications
    that do visual presentation of Linux source code having to perform
    their own heuristics.

    But hey, if I'm the only one wanting to see this particular bike shed
    painted blue...


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