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SubjectRe: [RFC] LZO de/compression support - take 6
I just noticed a bug in my testbed/benchmarking code. It's fixed, but I 
decided to compare version 6 of the code against the *unsafe* decompressor
again. The results of the three runs I've put it through after changing it to
compare against the unsafe decompressor were startling. `Tiny's` compressor
is still faster - I've seen it be rated up to 3% faster. The decompressor,
OTOH, when compared to the unsafe version (which is the comparison that
started me on this binge of hacking), is more than 7% worse. About 11% slower
on the original test against a C source file, and about 6% slower for random
data. However, looking at the numbers involved, I can't see a reason to keep
the unsafe version around - the percentages look worse than they are - from 1
to 3 microseconds. (well, the compressed-cache people might want those extra
usecs - but the difference will never be noticeable anywhere outside the

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