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SubjectRe: [BUG] signal: multithread program returns with wrong errno on receiving SIGSTOP
Your fix seems like the only way to go.  From skimming all the ERESTART*
uses, I think that in all cases (except for n_tty.c:job_control before your
patch), TIF_SIGPENDING is indeed set when a thread returns -ERESTART*.

But it makes me realize that there is a danger of leaking a -ERESTART*
return code to userland when TIF_SIGPENDING gets cleared by another thread
doing a recalc_sigpending_tsk. Because of -ERESTART* I think we must make
it a rule that no thread can clear another thread's TIF_SIGPENDING, only
set it (unless it's known to be stopped in the signal code or something).
From our recent work on it, I think that do_sigaction is in fact the only
place this can happen. So that says we should err in the other direction
from what I said before in do_sigaction, and not have it do recalc at all.

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