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SubjectRe: - 97% wait time on IDE operations
O> That's a big if right there. For servers it isn't a problem, few
> people can get capacity right to withing 10%, so you never let a
> server run full. Desktops/laptops on the other hand spend most of
> their lives between 80% and 100%.

Modern desktop patterns are very different to older ones - the disk fill
is almost entirely continuous writes of large files (OGG, MP3, Movies
etc). In addition the default ext3 behaviour reserves the last part of
the disk for root - so usually it doesn't get below 5% free as only root
can steal that space.

Back when you had a 40MB /home the usage tended to be multiple parallel
writers, permanently at 90%+ (with a "please remove unused files" motd).

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