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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH -mm 1/3] PM: Hibernation and suspend notifiers

> Make it possible to register hibernation and suspend notifiers, so that
> subsystems can perform hibernation-related or suspend-related operations that
> should not be carried out by device drivers' .suspend() and
> .resume() routines.

I believe it adds _way_ too many notifiers.

> +PM_PRE_FREEZE The system is going to hibernate or suspend, tasks will
> + be frozen immediately

80 columns. Anyway yes, this one is needed.

> +PM_POST_THAW Tasks have just been thawed after a resume or restore
> + from a hibernation image

Symetrical with the previous one, useful for freeing firmware images, ok.

> +PM_HIBERNATION_PREPARE The system is preparing for hibernation. Tasks have
> + been frozen, memory is going to be freed and devices
> + are going to be suspended.

What is this one good for?

> +PM_SNAPSHOT_FAILED The creation of hibernation image has failed. Tasks
> + will be thawed immediately.

Does this one need to be different from POST_THAW?

I do not see the need for the other chains. Notice that we do not
_want_ to have too many of them, because changing anything in the
hibernation will become impossible with 10 chains having intimate
details of suspend sequence.
(cesky, pictures)
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