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    SubjectRe: epoll,threading
    Hi Arunachalam,

    On Saturday 26 May 2007, Arunachalam wrote:
    > I want to know in detail about , what the events (epoll or /dev/poll or
    > select ) achieve in contrast to thread per client.
    > i can have a thread per client and use send and recv system call directly
    > right? Why do i go for these event mechanisms?

    Try 30.000 clients or more on a x86 32bit box.
    That will show you the difference quite nicely :-)

    More seriously: Thread per client scales only to a certain amount of clients
    per RAM. If you like to scale beyond that to like to minimize your state
    per client. If you have a thread then you have a task structure as
    unswappable memory in kernel, a per-thread stack, which is reducing
    your virtual memory per process (you have only around 3GB of virtual
    memory per process in Linux x86 32bit).

    So one uses a process or thread pool to scale beyond that.
    Pool size is typically related to the amount of CPU cores in the system.


    Ingo Oeser

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