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Subjectit seems Evolution remove the Tabs

I tested again, it seems Evolution removes the Tabs with blanks.
How to resolve this issue on Evolution ? I am trying :-)


在 2007-05-25五的 07:52 +0200,Jan Engelhardt写道:
> On May 25 2007 09:30, WANG Cong wrote:
> >>>
> >>>Yes, I found all TABs gone when I received the mail. When I post next
> >>>version of the patch, I will test to send to me first :-)
> >>>
> >>>Thanks for your information.
> >>
> >>Blame Gmail.
> >
> >I am using gmail too. That's not gmail's fault,
> Then it is one of these:
> - gmail's default settings for web input sucks or
> - the web browser reformats it
> (not so much - suffers from something similar, but *not the
> same*; in that it translates all tabs into spaces, but at least it keeps
> the width.) or
> - you are using your own client, and directly SMTPing gmail servers,
> in which case unwanted reformatting by broken MTAs can be bypassed.
> >I think your email client sucks.
> >So which email client are you using, coly? I recommend mutt to you. ;)
> X-Mailer: Evolution 2.6.0
> Hm, this looks like another of these "Thunderbird" cases. (Means,
> Thunderbird users also get their patches wrapped and twangled unless
> they set some option that is not on by default.)
> Jan

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