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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Display Intel Dynamic Acceleration feature in /proc/cpuinfo
Pallipadi, Venkatesh wrote:
> The way new Intel features are being exposed in CPUID is kind of
> changing.

Changing is a VERY BAD THING when it comes to something like CPUID.

> Now we have different CPUID leafs for different kind of features with
> each of them growing much slowly.
> I mean, there is
> monitor-mwait related features in CPUID 5
> powermanagement features in CPUID 6 EAX, ECX
> Perfmon features in CPUID 10

Again, this is bad.

> This does not fit well with the way we use the feature words in Linux.

No, it doesn't... nor for anyone else who wants a compact representation
of this kind of information.

If they grow slowly from the bottom, I guess we could simply allocate
space in the vector byte by byte instead. Either way, it means more
work whenever anything has to change.

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