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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/4] AFS: Add a function to excise a rejected write from the pagecache
    Andrew Morton <> wrote:

    > So my reason for asking the above is to try to find a way to make all these
    > new PG-error games just go away.

    Yeah. However, there needs to be something to cover the gap between releasing
    PG_writeback and getting PG_lock. They have to be done in that order to avoid
    deadlocking against truncate and other stuff, but that leaves a window in which
    the page appears to be in a good state - one in which prepare_write() or
    page_mkwrite() can potentially leak through.

    Nick Piggin talked about using an extra lock, but as far as I can tell, that
    just compounds the deadlock problems.

    I suppose I could leave something in page->private that indicated that the
    page was defunct, but that'd have to be done by the filesystem, probably
    before calling cancel_rejected_write().

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