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SubjectRe: Define CONFIG_BOUNCE to avoid useless inclusion of bounce buffer logic.
On Wed, 23 May 2007, Russell King wrote:

> > That is wrong. ppc should have ZONE_NORMAL and no ZONE_DMA.
> > Otherwise you cannot switch off ZONE_DMA and you cannot switch off
> > bounce. ZONE_DMA is a zone for exceptional allocs. If you do not have
> > those then you only have normal allocs -> ZONE_NORMAL.
> That sounds very wrong to me. Since about 1995 ARM has always placed
> all DMA-able memory in the DMA zone, and none in the normal zone.
> The reason for doing this is that normal allocations fall back to DMA
> allocations when the normal zone becomes full/empty. However, DMA
> allocations can never be satisfied by allocations from the normal zone.

Usually DMA is done via ZONE_NORMAL allocations. GFP_DMA allocs and
ZONE_DMA are for devices that cannot performa DMA to all of memory.

There is no need to fall back if you do not have such devices. So no need

> Moreover, special casing the "doesn't use __GFP_DMA allocations on this
> machine so places all memory in ZONE_NORMAL" is just too complicated -
> I've no idea which of the 100+ ARM machine support currently merged
> into the Linux kernel uses __GFP_DMA allocations and which don't.

GFP_DMA allocations are an exception and that exception can be removed
from the core VM by not defining ZONE_DMA. You cannot switch off the
NORMAL zone.

> The DMA zone is for memory allocations _for_ _DMA_. If all your memory
> is DMA-able then it belongs in the DMA zone.

Nope. The DMA zone is for crappy DMA devices that can only use a portion
of memory.

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