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SubjectRe: [RFC] LZO de/compression support - take 3
On 5/23/07, Michael-Luke Jones <> wrote:
> Fair enough. However, this rather important issue is pretty much
> undocumented (source code comments don't count)

If header file for public interface (<linux/lzo1x.h> documents about
'unsafe' vs. 'safe' then it should be enough.

> and Reiser4 is
> already using the lzo1x_decompress() function rather than the
> seemingly more appropriate lzo1x_decompress_safe() function...
> rc2/2.6.22-rc2-mm1/broken-out/reiser4-use-lzo-library-functions.patch
> Perhaps a rename is in order:
> lzo1x_decompress() => lzo1x_decompress_unsafe()
> lzo1x_decompress_safe => lzo1x_decompress()

Or perhaps make reiserfs use _safe() instead - I think Richard has
already submitted patch for same.

- Nitin
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