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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm: swap prefetch improvements

* Con Kolivas <> wrote:

> > A suggestion for improvement: right now swap-prefetch does a small
> > bit of swapin every 5 seconds and stays idle inbetween. Could this
> > perhaps be made more agressive (optionally perhaps), if the system
> > is not swapping otherwise? If block-IO level instrumentation is
> > needed to determine idleness of block IO then that is justified too
> > i think.
> Hmm.. The timer waits 5 seconds before trying to prefetch, but then
> only stops if it detects any activity elsewhere. It doesn't actually
> try to go idle in between but it doesn't take much activity to put it
> back to sleep, hence detecting yet another "not quite idle" period and
> then it goes to sleep again. I guess the sleep interval can actually
> be changed as another tunable from 5 seconds to whatever the user
> wanted.

there was nothing else running on the system - so i suspect the swapin
activity flagged 'itself' as some 'other' activity and stopped? The
swapins happened in 4 bursts, separated by 5 seconds total idleness.

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