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SubjectRe: 2.6.22-rc1 does not boot on VIA C3_2 cause of X86_CMPXCHG64
Dave Jones wrote:
> The C3s all have cx8, but it needs to be enabled in an MSR first.
> (See arch/i386/kernel/cpu/centaur.c , search for CX8)
> Did we add code that uses cmpxchg8b before identify_cpu() gets run ?
> I've not been paying attention to .22rc (busy trying to beat .21 into shape for F7)
> so I may have missed something obvious. Andi?

Andi added code to verify that we can actually execute on the processor
before protected mode (so we can still get a message out through the
BIOS.) That code presumably doesn't know of the MSR that needs to be

That code is in assembly in Andi's version, my rewritten version has it
in C. I should add this code.

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