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SubjectRe: Oops and Panics in, and
Andrew Morton wrote:
>>> a number of people have hit that, on and off.
>> Yeah, I've been seeing that one. It should have been fixed with the big
>> fat patchset.
> Great - fingers crossed.
>>> We were close to having a fix, I think, but then we decided that great
>>> chunks of sysfs needed rewriting and I believe that we believe that this
>>> great rewrite will fix this bug.
>> How were we gonna fix it? If it isn't too complex, I can cook up a
>> patch for -stable series.
> Do we actually understand the causes?

Yeah, I think I do. Basically, the problem is that on-demand attach and
reclamation update sd->s_dentry but accesses to it aren't synchronized
properly. In the big fat patchset, first I tried to fix it by removing
sd->s_dentry completely which didn't work because of shadow nodes, so
the second try was to fix the synchronization which is in -mm now.

>> The safest approach I can think of is making
>> dentries for attributes unreclaimable but those are made reclaimable for
>> good reasons. :-(
> Yeah, that was the google workaround. It's OK unless you happen to have
> thousands of disks on an ia32 box.

I see. I thought there was different approach on fixing the problem.
I'll try to backport the synchronization fix but am afraid it can be too
risky for -stable. If it seems too risky, I'll send a patch to disable

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