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SubjectRe: pci probe
Manu Abraham wrote:
> Hi,
> I do have a device that's a multifunction device. Eventhough a MFD, it
> just has one Interrupt which is shared by by a Configuration space for
> each function. ie, INTA is shared between them functions.
> In such a case, i am wondering, (since pci_probe returns a pointer to
> one PCI function alone and i need to use both the functions in one
> module alone rather than using a module for each function and that the
> functions are quite similar for them to be used in different modules,
> such that a separate probe/ISR etc is used) whether using pci_get_device
> would be a better alternative to do manual searching for the functions
> in such a case.

Just figured out that pci_get_subsys() does work in a better. Looking at
kernel sources all i find is just one single user of pci_get_subsys()

building the code around pci_get_subsys(), does this have any negative
impact ?

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