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Subject[PATCH 0/2] PCI-X/PCI-Express read control interfaces
This patch set introduces a PCI-X / PCI-Express read byte count control 
interface. Instead of letting every driver to directly read/write to PCI
config space for that, an interface is provided. The interface functions then
can be used for quirks since some PCI bridges require that read byte count
values are set by the BIOS and left unchanged by device drivers.

Patch 1/2: PCI subsystem
Patch 2/2: affected drivers

Both patches are based on work by Stephen Hemminger, please see

Peter Oruba

AMD Saxony Limited Liability Company & Co. KG
Operating System Research Center
Wilschdorfer Landstr. 101, 01109 Dresden, Germany
Register Court Dresden: HRA 4896
General Partner authorized to represent:
AMD Saxony LLC (Wilmington, Delaware, US)
General Manager of AMD Saxony LLC: Dr. Hans-R. Deppe, Thomas McCoy

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