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    SubjectRe: How to access correctly serial port inside module?
    Am 14.05.2007 15:00 schrieb Lars K.W. Gohlke:
    > after searching the mailing list and searching the web, I still don't
    > know how to access correctly the serial port (in user space known as
    > /dev/ttyS01)

    I can only tell you how I did it in the special case of the
    ser_gigaset driver which drives an ISDN device attached to
    a serial port: I implemented it as a line discipline which
    is associated to the appropriate serial port by a userspace

    Reading material:

    documentation on the line discipline interface
    definitions for same
    my code - a simple example of abusing the line
    discipline interface for your own ends :-)

    > would somebody be so kind to give me an example:

    I hope the following will help you some. If not, feel free to
    ask again.

    > with this behaviour:
    > 1. read from port

    That's not how things work in the kernel. There is no system
    call for reading some data that has arrived on that port or
    blocking if there is none, like a userspace program would do.
    Instead, when you register your line discipline you provide
    a callback function (receive_buf) for the serial driver to
    call when data has been received. That function can be called
    at any time and has to deal with the data as it gets it.

    > 2. output via printk()

    You can of course put a printk() in your receive_buf function.
    But ultimately you'll want to do more than that with the data,
    I'm sure.

    > 3. write to port

    That's easy. :-) No, it isn't. The serial driver *does*
    provide a function (aptly called "write") for sending data
    to the serial port, but you can't just call it any time you
    like. You have to synchronize with the driver by waiting for
    it to call your "write_wakeup" callback before you can call
    its write function again.


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