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    SubjectRe: How to access correctly serial port inside module?

    On May 14 2007 19:40, Lars K.W. Gohlke wrote:
    >> hallo,
    >> after searching the mailing list and searching the web, I still don't
    >> know how to access correctly the serial port (in user space known as
    >> /dev/ttyS01)

    >> This thread ends before the answer was given and the site redirecting
    >> too is restructured:
    >> would somebody be so kind to give me an example:
    >> with this behaviour:
    >> 1. read from port
    >> 2. output via printk()
    >> 3. write to port

    inb/inw/inl, printk, outb/outw/outl.

    >> I've created already my own char-dev and used it in user-space.
    >> However I don't know really how to get information from kernel-code to
    >> solve this.

    > would be somebody so polite and give me at least a hint?
    > Where to search concretely, or small template.

    It's been 4 hours and 40 minutes, and you already expect an answer?
    I don't remember you having paid anyone...

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