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SubjectRe: [PATCH] serial: set RTS and DTR if flow is 'r' --- resend
Russell King wrote:
> Still wrong, and unfortunately you haven't understood what I was saying
> at all because this is worse. ;(
> Do not put the code in serial8250_set_termios. It is the wrong place.

I don't want to put that there. the problem is serial8250_set_mctrl
called by will clear DTR bit.

uart_set_options==>serial8250_set_termios ==> serial8250_set_mctrl will
clear DTR bit


static void serial8250_set_mctrl(struct uart_port *port, unsigned int mctrl)
struct uart_8250_port *up = (struct uart_8250_port *)port;
unsigned char mcr = 0;

if (mctrl & TIOCM_RTS)
mcr |= UART_MCR_RTS;
if (mctrl & TIOCM_DTR)
mcr |= UART_MCR_DTR;
if (mctrl & TIOCM_OUT1)
mcr |= UART_MCR_OUT1;
if (mctrl & TIOCM_OUT2)
mcr |= UART_MCR_OUT2;
if (mctrl & TIOCM_LOOP)

mcr = (mcr & up->mcr_mask) | up->mcr_force | up->mcr;

serial_out(up, UART_MCR, mcr);

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