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SubjectRe: [patch] make pit clocksource continuous

Thomas Gleixner wrote:
>>>> Does this mean that on even an older
>>>> boards (without acpi at all) the hrtimers
>>>> won't work?
>>> Not if PIT is the only clocksource available.
I was confused as to where the above "not" applies.

> It does _NOT_ work without pm_timer or hpet
Thanks, now its clear enough. :)

> hrtimer_get_res() works, but I have no idea why you need hrtimers in
> your driver at all.
This is a pc-speaker PCM driver which needs a
18.5KHz periodic freq at least (the normal freq
is 37KHz).
I used the PIT and only PIT for it in the past,
but now with using hrtimers, the PIT is no
longer enough. This is a bit annoying, and
really, after I added the flag to pit_clocksource,
it just started to work, so I thought something
can be done in order for it to keep working with
PIT only. But if there is no way to do it with
hrtimers, then oh well.

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