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SubjectRe: [PATCH 8/8] One Laptop Per Child power/battery driver
> I have to disagree here. It is using the native alphabet for the name
> which is very rude, because non-native hackers cannot read it. This is

I think you mean "non Amercian". The majority of the human race don't
speak English, and you could probably make a good case that kernel tree
should be in Chinese, Spanish or Gujerati by your logic.

> One peculiar thing I have observed is how all this "UTF-8 in names"
> nonsense is being pushed by western Europeans. Why? That's because
> their umlauts are grandfathered in, and because English speakers _can_
> read their names approximately, simply by ignoring all the strokes
> above the letter (or, in Norwegians and Polaks cases, going through
> the letter). So do not try to pretend that "correctness" has anything
> to do with your demands.

I find your comments racist and insulting. I trust you will be
apologizing. The most clear example of where it would be polite to
include names spelt properly are the Asian countries. They may well (and
most do) choose to include a transliteration.

Western European names you can generally transliterate quite well
(although conventions are not simple and you don't usually simply omit
accent marks), in some cases you also completely break the naming
in the eyes of a native speaker because the pronunciation implied is now
all wrong.

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