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    Subjectconverting appletouch to usb autosuspend...
    Dear all,

    I've realized using the great powertop ( )
    that loading the appletouch driver (and touching it once) makes consumes
    about 0.3 W even when not touching the pad. As rmmod'ing appletouch
    fixes this I wonder why the driver does not do this alone. So my
    question is what does one have to do to convert a driver (such as
    appletouch) to make use of usb autosuspend except for

    .supports_autosuspend = 1


    While we are at it usb related powerhogs on this macbook pro are
    uhci_hcd (usb keyboard) and usb_hcd_poll_rh_status (rh_timer_func)

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