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Subjectclockevent questions

I'm trying to use clocksource and clockevent new subsystem. My
platform has a timer that I'd like to use both as a clocksource and a
clockevent devices. This timer is continueous in sense that it can run
without any interruption so I assume I can flag the clocksource device
with "CLOCK_SOURCE_IS_CONTINUOUS". However I noticed that clockevent
device can be stopped by using "set_mode()" method. Are these two
behaviours compatible ?

Another question is that I have another embedded 16 bits timer that I
would like to use. Since the timer is only 16 bits, the maximum
interval is tiny, My question if a user ask for a clockevent device
using an interval is bigger that 2^16, the clockevent system doesn't
return an error. Instead it silently reduce the interval to 2^16. Is
this correct ? if so why ?

Thanks for your answers
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