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    SubjectRe: console font limits
    On Tue, 1 May 2007, Albert Cahalan wrote:
    > I'm having problems with a font I just created. It's a rather big one,
    > intended for a framebuffer console in UTF-8 mode. The strace program
    > reports that /bin/setfont fails on a KDFONTOP ioctl with EINVAL.
    > In reading the kernel code, I find this:
    > vt.c:static int con_font_set(struct vc_data *vc, struct console_font_op *op)
    > vt.c-{
    > vt.c- struct console_font font;
    > vt.c- int rc = -EINVAL;
    > vt.c- int size;
    > vt.c-
    > vt.c- if (vc->vc_mode != KD_TEXT)
    > vt.c- return -EINVAL;
    > vt.c- if (!op->data)
    > vt.c- return -EINVAL;
    > vt.c- if (op->charcount > 512)
    > vt.c- return -EINVAL;
    > Ouch. Why is the old VGA limit being applied to the framebuffer console?
    > Could this just get removed? I dearly hope we aren't still storing the
    > framebuffer data as two bytes per character+attribute pair.

    The shadow screen (accessed using scr_*()) still uses the old VGA



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