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Subject[PATCH 0/8] RSS controller based on process containers (v2)
Adds RSS accounting and control within a container.

Major change: current scanner code reuse.

Tasks and files accounting is not included as these containers
are simple enough to be implemented later.

Based on top of Paul Menage's container subsystem v8.
Note, that only first three patches from Paul's patchset should
be used as BeanCounters, CPU accounting etc are not needed for
RSS container.

RSS container includes the per-container RSS accounting and
reclamation, and out-of-memory killer. The container behaves like
a standalone machine - when it runs out of resources, it tries to
reclaim some pages, and if it doesn't succeed, kills some task
which mm_struct belongs to the container in question.

Changes from previous version:
* reclamation code reuse. I.e. the scanner code used to reclaim
pages on global memory shortage is used as-is in per-container
page reclamation;
* active/inactive per-container lists (a bit reworked patch
from Balbir);
* more elegant top container creation (thanks Paul for clarifying).
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