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SubjectRe: Ten percent test
On 04/09/2007 07:48 PM, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> i didnt say that, in fact my first lkml comment about RSDL on lkml
> was the exact opposite, but you SD advocates are _still_ bickering
> about (and not accepting) fundamental things like Mike's make -j5
> workload and flagging it as unrealistic, so until there's so much
> reality disconnect there's not much chance for this issue to progress
> i'm afraid.

I suppose I'm lumped in with the "SD advocates" now but you will note
that I haven't been bickering about make -j5 loads. You cut away the
entire meat of my reply which was all that predictability harping.

What I did say about make -j5 loads is that I do not think that they,
under all circumstances, on all machines and at all cost, need to
perform the same as currently if other situations improve. Do I want
heuristics? Sure, I'm just saying the kernel is fundamentally incapable
of getting it right all of the time and as such it should provide me
with as many opportunities as possible at stepping in. That is, let me
understand what it is and is going to be doing and then listen to me.

I agree not a lot of progress is to be made if people keep ignoring each
other like that but also while SD's author is offline. Let's just shelve
it until he's back. Not bury though...


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