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SubjectRe: Ten percent test

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> > My question then, is why did it take a very public cat-fight to get
> > this looked at and the code adjusted? Its been what, nearly 2 years
> > since Linus himself made a comment that this thing needed fixed.
> > The fixes then done were of very little actual effectiveness and the
> > situation then has gradually deteriorated since.
> this is pretty hard to get right, and the most objective way to change
> it is to do it testcase-driven. FYI, interactivity tweaking has been
> gradual, the last bigger round of interactivity changes were done a
> year ago:

and note that a year ago Mike did a larger patch too, not unlike his
current patch - but we hoped that his smaller change would be sufficient
- and nobody came along and said "i tested Mike's and the difference is
significant on my system". Which seems to suggest that the number of
problem-systems and worried users/developers isnt particularly large.

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