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SubjectIf not readdir() then what?
In their closed chambers (well, workshops,, the filesystem developers complain
about readdir. I fully appreciate the difficulties. But what I fail
to see so far is any proposal for an alternative interface.

The phase to get new functionality included in the next revision of
POSIX is over. But that does not mean we should not try to get some
sensible new implementation in place. There is, for example, the
"High End Computing Extensions Working Group" (the guys who showed up
here with their statlite and readdirplus proposals). This is an
official working group at the OpenGroup which can produce a document
which can be the basis of inclusion in the next revision and become a
OpenGroup specification earlier than that.

So, if anybody has a proposal for better interfaces let's hear them.
"Now" is a very good time to start working on this.
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