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SubjectRe: init's children list is long and slows reaping children.
Oleg Nesterov <> writes:

> On 04/06, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
>> --- t/kernel/exit.c~ 2007-04-06 23:31:31.000000000 +0400
>> +++ t/kernel/exit.c 2007-04-06 23:31:57.000000000 +0400
>> @@ -275,10 +275,7 @@ static void reparent_to_init(void)
>> remove_parent(current);
>> current->parent = child_reaper(current);
>> current->real_parent = child_reaper(current);
> Just noticed. Eric, is it ok we are using child_reaper() here?
> This is for kernel threads only, shouldn't we always use
> init_pid_ns.child_reaper ? (yes, it is the same currently).

Yes. It is a bug, and the description reparent_to_init is likewise

I have recently realized that a number of the inital pid namespace
patches have stupid little bugs in them like this. I am upset with
myself for failing to code review them closely before the went in.
Live and learn I guess.

So when I saw this I added this to my growing list of things I needed
to review before I could assume they were done correctly.

Feel free to fix it. I'm still a couple days out from having enough
time before I can start working on pid related issues.

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