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SubjectRe: init's children list is long and slows reaping children.
On 04/06, Eric W. Biederman wrote:
> Thinking about it I do agree with Linus that two lists sounds like the
> right solution because it ensures we always have O(1) time when
> waiting for a zombie.

Well. I bet this will be painful, and will uglify the code even more.

do_wait() has to iterate over 2 lists, __ptrace_unlink() should check
->exit_state, etc...

> I'd like to place the list head for the zombie
> list in the signal_struct and not in the task_struct so our
> performance continues to be O(1) when we have a threaded process.

Sure. It would be nice to move ->children into signal_struct at first.
Except this change breaks (in fact fixes) ->pdeath_signal behaviour.

> The big benefit of the zombie list over your proposed list reordering
> is that waitpid can return immediately when we don't have zombies to
> wait for, but we have lots of children.



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