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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/90] Post 2.6.21 OMAP update
* Roland Dreier <> [070405 12:32]:
> > > It would be enormously helpful if instead we got say 15 small patch sets
> > > which are independant so that a query or NAK means 14 sets get applied
> > > this time around not zero.
> >
> > I was thinking about merging the patches together more, but the end result
> > would not be very readable, and we would lose the original author info.
> >
> > Also trying to do this 15 small patches at time would make it hard
> > to have it all integrated within the two week merge window.
> I think you misunderstood the suggestion. The idea is that you leave
> the patches basically as-is (modulo any small tweaks required by
> reordering), but rather than one 90-patch series, you divide the
> patches up into independent subsets. Maybe something like
> - basic OMAP fixes for bugs in core support
> - Palm platform stuff
> - ...other platform stuff
> - new features
> etc. then it's easier for people to review the stuff they're
> interested in, and it's easier for at least some of the subsets to get
> applied (which reduces your backlog).

Hmm, yeah I'll see if I could group them a bit. The problem there
is that the patch series contains multiple rounds of "add and fix"
cycles. Pretty much all the non-dependant fixes have already been
applied, BTW.

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