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SubjectRe: 2.6.22 -mm merge plans (RE: input)
On Monday 30 April 2007 19:20, Andrew Morton wrote:
> input-convert-from-class-devices-to-standard-devices.patch
> input-evdev-implement-proper-locking.patch
> mousedev-fix.patch
> mousedev-fix-2.patch
> Dmitry will merge these once Greg has merged the preparatory work. Except these
> patches make the Vaio-of-doom crash in obscure circumstances, and we weren't
> able to fix that?

Would like to keep cooking in your tree till we get your Vaio going,
if you don't mind.

> wistron_btns-add-led-support.patch

Will review once again and apply.

> input-ff-add-ff_raw-effect.patch
> input-phantom-add-a-new-driver.patch

It looks like Phanotom will not be using input layer...

> input-rfkill-add-support-for-input-key-to-control-wireless-radio.patch
> Will resend to davem once the preparatory bits are merged by Greg.

You mean me, right? I need to do some locking changes that DaveM
pointed out.

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